Do you have what it takes to become President of the United States?  Race to the White House is a fast-paced political strategy game that puts the stars of the Republican and Democratic parties in pursuit of the country’s highest office.  Each presidential hopeful has a unique set of advantages that has propelled them to the head of the pack – some are great orators, some are native sons of key swing states and others are simply rich.  Candidates vie for the support of a fickle public and winning takes more than just advertising and debates.  You can cheer for a swing state’s baseball team, uncover a scandal in state government or send hecklers to your opponent’s rallies to neutralize their polling gains.  As an incumbent president, you can start a war or respond to a major national disaster – but be careful, either one can backfire and your opponent may have an October Surprise ready.  It feels just as crazy, exciting and dirty as a real campaign!

When Election Night rolls around you’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting for the networks to call the states and see whether your efforts have propelled you to the top – who will win the Race to the White House?